Robbie’s Random Trip Notes

Robbie’s Random Trip Notes

  • Sun shirts > (better than) Sunscreen : no mess, better protection, creates shade so skin is cooler.  Love Exofficio
  • Great big industrial propane tank >> tiny butane pint cans for cooking.   Instant coffee instantly!
  • Cleaning dishes without running water nearby requires a great deal more skill.  Manage rinse water wisely!  Especially when the pump is almost a quarter mile away (Lochsa River, Idaho)
  • Our 7 year old loves pumping water.  This is a deal that works out well for all parties.
  • Mice are crafty.  They fit into the cracks around your tailgate more easily than you think.  They will even eat your fancy biodegradable soap.
  • Campsite showers are best followed by the use of towels.  Leaving one’s towel in the truck while showering is not a good plan. 

And by the way, we got up at “oh dark thirty” yesterday and drove into the park and trolled until we found a site.  A few hours of pain for 5 days of gain, pretty good bargain.  We’ll update on Yellowstone in a bit.


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